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Distribution "B2B": Specializing in the beauty industry, premium products and the world "Ecommerce".

What do we do?

We are a "B2B" distribution company, specializing in the sale of beauty products and premium products in general, as well as offering different distribution solutions in the online sales sector.


Easo Magno was born in Barcelona in 2016, after the maturation of a business project that was born a year before and is carried out by a group of people from different areas of the beauty sector.

We are focused on the online sales channel, since we consider that it is the channel with the greatest relevance in the coming years and that it also offers the most innovative work methods.

As we grow, we are looking for new ways of development for our company and in 2019 we have acquired our first official distribution of a brand.

Easo Magno

Our guidelines.

We firmly believe that there's no need to toe the line. You can always improve the set !!

The direction and the "modus operandi" of our company are marked by the commandments we listed above.

InnovationNew ideas and tools
SimplicityConcrete and defined goals
CommunicationMost and rigorous collaboration
PriceThe most competitive market prices
EffectivenessProcesses tested and fast
Responsibility and CooperationRespect for rules and commitments
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